Inspired by Paddington - Marmalade Mist gets her name

Posted 5 years ago
CroppedImage960480 Stowaway ex Shean Rose PHOTO Lot 204

Naming racehorses can be a tricky but fun business and there simply is no wrong answer whichever angle you decide to take. So when it came to naming our new filly who has just joined the ranks at Jonjo O'Neill's, we took a lot into consideration.

Having taken numerous suggestions from our new Owners Group shareholders which covered a nice blend of the quirky and ear catching as well as ensuring a nod to the pedigree which keeps the breeder happy, we settled on Marmalade Mist.

So what's the logic behind that?

Being by top sire Stowaway, we turned our thoughts to some famous stowaways and of course settled on Paddington Bear, famous for arriving as a stowaway from "Darkest Peru", claiming on arrival, "I came all the way in a lifeboat, and ate marmalade. Bears like marmalade."

Marmalade of course perfectly matches the colour of the chestnut filly and so we just needed something to go with the Marmalade. Out of a mare called Shean Rose, a bit further back on the dam's side of the pedigree was a stallion called Misti IV which many people had suggested would be good to include in the name of our filly. So we joined the the two together and settled on Marmalade Mist which also happens to be the name of a rose - tying in perfectly with the dam.

We really like the name and hope you do as well. If you want to join the fun and excitement of this new Owners Group involving Marmalade Mist then buy your share today either online or giving us a call on 01344 625 912.