Plumpton Upgrades Parade Ring

Posted in 2013 Posts; Posted 6 years ago
Plumpton parade ring

This summer Plumpton Racecourse is undertaking work to upgrade the parade ring, winners enclosure and main entrance, which will be unveiled on Sunday 22 September, the start of Plumpton’s new season. Improvements include:  

·         Rubberised tarmac surface on the walkways and in the winners enclosure 

·         New camera position to capture the parade ring and winners enclosure scenes for TV viewers 

·         New oak framed presentation podium 

·         Construction and furnishing of a new entrance building with a dedicated owners desk 

·         New signage to engage and inform racegoers 

·         New disabled viewing area 

·         Additional saddling box facility 

This will increase the viewing capacity for racegoers of the paddock and the winners enclosure, improve safety and lift measurably the overall visitor experience to Plumpton. The project will cost around £170,000 and has been assisted by the reintroduction of the Racecourse Loan scheme from the Horserace Betting Levy Board.